This site is a simple one and has one main purpose; to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with The Burchett Family.

Charlie is an Information Technology Professional and has an extensive background in most things techie.

Heather is a Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who specializes in treating young children with severe mental health issues.

We have been blessed with four children (all of whom we adopted) that mean everything to us.

Ashton, our oldest, is 17 years old. She loves singing, fashion and design as well as being a tomboy.

Kymi, who is 14 years old, loves her quiet time. She is content just hanging out playing a game on her Kindle or watching TV.

Kayleigh is our youngest daughter; she is 12 years old. Of the three girls she would have to be considered the girly girl. She loves dolls and playing dress up.

Charles Jr., our 12 year old son, is without a doubt a typical boy. He likes toy cars, fire trucks, trains and wreaking havoc while being a complete gentleman.

Oh, I almost forgot the last three members of the family. They are Sparkles , Patches and Astra our spoiled 10 and 6 year old Chihuahuas and 0 year old Rottweiler.